Shortlist Els Witte PhD Prize

On behalf of the jury, we are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Els Witte PhD Prize this year! From all submitted dissertations, the jury selected the following theses for the shortlist (names in alphabetical order).

  • Dr. Imogen T. Liu (Maastricht University) – Investing for the state: a finance-sensitive reading of the transnationalisation of Chinese state capital in Europe
  • Dr. Franziska Petri (KU Leuven) – One message, many messengers? The role of European Union Delegations in implementing climate and energy diplomacy across the globe
  • Dr. Željko Poljak (University of Antwerp) – Negativity in politics from election to election: attacks in parliaments throughout the electoral cycle
  • Dr. Emma Turkenburg (KU Leuven) – On Silver Tongues and Silver Linings. Examining controversial political communication and its effects on citizens’ reasoning

The winner of the award will be announced at the Annual Political Science Workshops of the Low Countries (Politicologenetmaal). The award ceremony for the Els de Witte PhD Prize will take place on the 13th of June. We would like to thank all colleagues for submitting your nomination!