Shortlist Els Witte PhD Prize 2021

On behalf of the jury, we are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Els Witte PhD Prize this year! From all submitted dissertations, the jury selected the following four theses for the shortlist (names in alphabetical order).

  • Thomas Jacobs (Ghent University) –  ‘Winning Hegemony. A Discourse-Theoretical Perspective on Political Strategy and the Trade Politics of the European Parliament’
  • Wouter Schakel (Universiteit van Amsterdam) – ‘Representing the rich. Economic and political inequality in established democracies’
  • Carola Schoor (Universiteit Maastricht) – ‘The Politics of Style. Political Performance Caught Between Populism, Elitism, and Pluralism’
  • Hannah Werner (Universiteit van Amsterdam) – ‘Pragmatic citizens. A botom-up perspective on participatory politics’

The winner of the award will be announced at the Annual Political Science Workshops of the Low Countries (Politicologenetmaal). The award ceremony for the Els de Witte PhD Prize will take place on Friday (4th of June) after the keynote lecture by Prof. Anand Menon. More information can be found here:
We would like to thank all colleagues for submitting your nomination!