Shortlist Els Witteprijs

A jury of Dutch and Flemish political scientists led by Steven Van de Walle (KU Leuven) many excellent dissertations defended in 2018. Four of these dissertations were nominated for the Jaarpijs. Congratulations to the nominees! The Els Witte Jaarprijs will be awarded at the Politicologenetmaal, June 13th, at Antwerp University. The nominees and dissertations are, in alphabetical order: 

·        Femke Bakker (Universiteit Leiden), Hawks and Doves. Democratic Peace Theory Revisited.

·        Wouter Geert Broekema (Universiteit Leiden,) When does the Phoenix Rise? Factors and Mechanisms that Influence Crisis-Induced Learning by Public Organizations.

·        Koen Damhuis (European University Institute), Roads to the Radical Right. Understanding Different Forms of Electoral Support for Radical Right-Wing Parties in France and the Netherlands.

·        Philippe van Gruisen (KU Leuven), The Political Economy of Decision-Making  in the Council of the European Union.