Symposium: Political Legitimacy in times of crisis

To grasp the nature of politics, Max Weber claimed almost a century ago, we need to study its legitimacy. We need to study how politics mobilises, cultivates and appropriates normative convictions through symbolic means. But is Weber’s quasi-religious approach still relevant to grasp the turbulent times of present-day politics? Or is it hopelessly old fashioned and does contemporary politics demand us to think beyond Weber? These questions will be addressed by the philosopher Thomas Fossen, the policy-scientist Gabriel van den Brink, and the politician Job Cohen.
Occasion for this symposium is the book Political Legitimacy beyond Weber by Benno Netelenbos, recently published by Palgrave-Macmillan.
More information and registration see: here
Date: Tuesday, June 6; 2017 | 21:45, with drinks afterwards. Dutch Spoken
Location: Spui25, entrance is free, but please register in advance