Farewell event Barbara Vis

On Friday 2 November at 15h30, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam hosts a panel on ‘Politicians, blame avoidance and European integration’. In many ways, European integration offers a great excuse for politicians to shift the blame for any criticism that they encounter. Not only is it convenient to shift the blame to a higher level, but also at the European level it often remains rather unclear who can be held responsible.
The panel is organized to honour the work of professor Barbara Vis, who after having worked at the Vrije Universiteit for thirteen years moved to the University of Utrecht a year ago, and who is a widely known for her work on the politics of blame avoidance. In addition to professor Vis, the panel has the following participants:

– Kees van Kersbergen (University of Aarhus)
– Mariken van der Velden (University of Zurich, soon back at VUA)
– Femke van Esch (University of Utrecht)
– Catherine de Vries (VUA)

Please join us on Friday 2 November, from 15h30 till 17h30 – with a reception afterwards.
Location: VU, Medical Faculty (MF) (Van der Boechorststraat 7, Amsterdam), Room A311

RSVP at secretariaat.bop.fsw@vu.nl is appreciated.